Our core services

Process engineering and process biology

Conceptual plant design and consulting on process selection
Analysis of plant dimensions, functionality and process biology risks
Biological monitoring and optimisation
Assessment of bids with regard to completeness
Quality criteria for biogas plants (e.g. material selection, safety equipment, functional reliability)

Legal issues

Licensing risks
Payment issues relating to renewable energies legislation, assessment of unusual plant designs
Evaluation of contracts and contractual risks (interconnection and feed-in contracts; sale and service contracts; supply contracts etc.)
Identification of liability issues

Business economics

Reviewing of profitability analyses
Assessment of cost factors (e.g. completeness, repairs, maintenance, running costs, internal power consumption)
Assessment of yield factors (e.g. gas yield assumptions, start-up phase, gas losses, efficiencies)

Power and control engineering

Design calculation of power grid infeed points
Assistance with grid interconnection problems

Mechanical and structural engineering

Assessment of damage
Selection and technical assessment of components
CHP and motor technology
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